viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

David Pintor illustrated interview

1. Okay, let’s begin with the really important stuff. How do you start your day? A jolt of coffee? A soothing cup of tea? Or a mad dash to that can of soda?

2. Speaking of starting your day, describe what your typical day looks like?

 3. Can you describe for our readers where you get your creative inspiration?

4. What’s your preference? Traditional media or digital?

5. Rock or Opera?

6. Book or nook?

7. In a parallel universe, what would you be doing instead of illustrating?

8. What would you say best describes your style of work and is this an ongoing evolving process ?

 9. If you have an entire day of free time, what would we catch you doing?

10. Proudest moment?

11.And lastly, what is the one single best piece of advice you can give for an up and coming illustrator or designer?